24. & 25.4.07: Heidelberger Innovationsforum

Zahlreiche Innovationen und Geschäftsideen aus der IT-Forschung werden in Kurzvorträgen und Demonstrationen auf dem Heidelberger Innovationsforum vorgestellt. Schwerpunkte sind Ideen für die produzierende Industrie und die Bildverarbeitung. Aus dem Programm:
  • Workshop coach & connect, bwcon: Von der Uni in den Markt: Ein Erfahrungsaustausch
  • 10.000 Equity Funds at a Glance? Visualization of Information
  • 3D Face Recognition
  • 3D Simulations using Intelligent Lightning Arrays
  • ADEPT2 - The Process Management System of Tomorrow
  • AmbiSense Project - Cooperation of Autonomous Mobile Systems Involving Ambient Sensors
  • As Many Pixels As You Like? Perceptual Basics for Presentation on High-Resolution Displays
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots with RFID Sensors - Continuous Inventory and Self-Localisation Using RFID
  • Bead Optimisation with Respect to Acoustical Behaviour
  • Challenges for Scientific Visualisation on Gigapixel Displays
  • CMMI-ITIL (CITIL) - Integrating IT Development and IT Operations
  • Collaboration of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Complex Geographic Data - Detail and Context, Interaction, Artistic Application
  • Computational Materials Design by Microstructure Simulations
  • Developing and Simulating Wireless Sensor Networks with SystemC - Prototyping Platform for Ambient Intelligence Sensor Technology
  • Embedded VPN for Secure Industrial Internetworking
  • Enabling Integrated Information Management with RFID
  • Fipart.de - A Web-based Search and Communication Platform for Parts and Spare Parts of Innovative Industries
  • FLS-NEXT: The Next Generation's Manufacturing Control Tool
  • Ident Prolog
  • Immersive Selling
  • iSense – A Modular Wireless Sensor Networking Platform
  • IT Integration Concepts in Mechatronic Product Development
  • Location Aware World Wide Web
  • Media Network in the Car
  • Model Based Test Development - Use of Activity Diagrams for Test Specification in the eXpecco System
  • Multimodal Hiking Guide Based on Galileo
  • Novel Computer User Interface
  • OMEGABOX - Open Source Media Centre
  • Optimising the Process Chain in Crash Simulations
  • Parallel Computing of Phase Transitions and Fluid Flow
  • PAS-System - Portable Augmented Show
  • PECo - Personal Environment Controller for PDAs
  • Perimeter Access Control for Service Oriented Architectures
  • Permeter - Performance Measurement in Product Development
  • Predicting Material Properties by Simulation of Microevolution
  • ProVis.Agent: Software Agent Based Production Monitoring and Control
  • Qiro – Mobile Location Based Community
  • Real Interactive Wayfinding in Buildings
  • Reality in the Loop - Integration of Humans and Hardware in Digital Products
  • S2i–Fingerprint - A New Anti-Counterfeiting Bar Code Technology
  • Shared Prototypes - Collaborative Development of Virtual Prototypes
  • Simulation and Visualisation of Flexible Parts in the Digital Product Cycle
  • SmartPlan - New Planning Methods as a Key Factor in the SmartFactory
  • Total Physical Interface (TPI)
  • Use of Virtual Human Models in Vehicle Construction
  • Virtual Product Development with a New Optimisation Approach for Fluid Simulation
  • Visibly Better Decisions: 3D Visualisation for Variants Configuration in Mechanical Engineering and Public Transport
  • Visualisation Software for AmbiSense - Human-Machine Interface with Augmented Reality

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